The Centre for Public History at Queen’s provides a lively hub for people engaged in researching, teaching, and practicing public history. It seeks to nurture excellent research, provide a forum for debate, and develop working dialogue between academics, practitioners, and the public around issues relating to the practice of history in the public sphere. Research associated with the Centre focuses on a wide range of national and global contexts, historical periods, and disciplines, while our location in Northern Ireland provides a unique environment in which to explore many key issues around public engagement with, and consumption of, the past.

Our blog features weekly entries from people engaged in researching, teaching and practicing oral history.

If you wish to contribute to the blog, please contact smanning03@qub.ac.uk. Entries should be approximately 1,000 words and the choice of subject is entirely up to the author. Possible themes include:

  • Difficult or contentious public histories
  • Commemoration and identity
  • Film, popular history and memory
  • Heritage and regeneration
  • Conservation and preservation
  • Oral history and public engagement
  • Policy – local, national, international